Reservations are recommended, please CALL US at least 1 week in advance. At this time, we are not accepting new clients.


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday



by 6:00pm

Drop-offs can be scheduled later in the day if arranged ahead of time. Please inform staff at drop-off if you expect to pick-up your dog before 4:00pm.

$1 will be charged extra for every minute after the 6pm pickup.

Reservations are strongly recommended. Please call at least 1 week in advance. Space is limited.


First half-day (4 hours) of daycare free for evaluation.


     (a savings of 15% for each additional dog in the same family)

$10/dog -- 4 hours or less of daycare

Package Deals (must be used within 3 months of purchase)
10 day pass = $165                  

20 day pass = $320

We welcome all dogs, regardless of breed, 3 months or older. Dogs are not required to be spayed or neutered, but female dogs determined to be in heat, will need to stay home.

We strongly suggest printing off the following application, completing it, and then mailing, faxing, or emailing it to us in advance of your dog's first visit. We will contact you with any questions.

Enrollment Application & Waiver and Health Certification